Takao Hiyama (火山 高夫, Hiyama Takao)






"Killer diary"


Hiyama Takao had resistance to firearms and explosives thanks to the many accessories he had.



Takao Hiyama is the third diary owner: the "Killer" Diary owner. Takao is a teacher in Yuki's school and is the serial killer reported within its vicinity.
Not much is known about Takao character-wise, since he was only given four lines of dialogue in the series, all related with finding and being surprised by Yukiteru.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Takao is a tall man with long red hair, and blue eyes. In his normal life he is typically seen wearing a suit as a teacher, but as a serial killer Takao wears a heavy bulletproof trenchcoat complete with a hat and mask that hides his identity when stalking prey and carries a large machete as his weapon of choice.

Takao is a very cold and calculating person while hunting his victims, although he appears to others as a normal person otherwise. 


Takao in his serial killer outfit

Plot OverviewEdit

In the first episode, after Takao stalks Yukki, Yuno leads him to the roof, where Yukii and Yuno make a plan to defeat him. When Takao brings out his phone to look for Yukki, Yukii throws one of the darts he happens to carry with him, stabbing through Takao's diary.

Takao only appears again in episode 26 in the third alternative world, when he is about to kill another person, but he is distracted with an explosion and lets his victim run away. Later he appears fighting with Yomotsu, and it's discovered that Takao has been arrested when Yomotsu visits him in jail.


Takao had the Murder Diary. This diary allowed him to have access to all information about the location of his victim, and may include certain routes to get to them. It was very useful in the game, because after learning the identity of another carrier's diary, The Murder Diary would take you straight to the individual, opening the possibility of killing them. However, the Murder Diary's weakness is that is it doesn't predict what will happen if his victim chooses to fight back.