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List of Future Diary owners:

Number Name Ability
1 Amano Yukiteru "Random" Diary
2 Gasai Yuno "Yukiteru" Diary
3 Hiyama Takao "Murder" Diary
4 Kurusu Keigo "Investigation" Diary
5 Houjou Reisuke "Hyper Vision" Diary

Kasugano Tsubaki

"Thousand League Eyes" Diary

7 Ikusaba Marco and Mikami Ai "Exchange" Diaries
8 Ueshita Kamado "Server" Diary
9 Uryuu Minene "Escape" Diary
10 Tsukishima Karyuudo "Breeder's" Diary
11 John Bacchus "Watcher" Diary
12 Hirasaka Yomotsu "Justice" Diary
13 Kirisaki Azami "Video" Diary

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