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Yukiteru Amano



Future Diary

The Random Diary


A gifted dart thrower, uses his intelligence and wits to the survive the game.


Diary Holder Junior High School Student

Voice Actor

Misuzu Togashi

Amano Yukiteru (天野由紀輝), also known as Yuki (ゆき) is one of the main characters of Mirai Nikki.



Deus' GameEdit

The series begins with Yukiteru narrating his life and how he records everything in his life in a cellphone diary from a bystander's point of view. It is later revealed that he has two friends who he belives to be imaginary, Deus Ex Machina, the god of time and space, and his servant, Murumuru. On this particular day Deus asks Yukiteru if he would like to "play a game". Yukiteru remains silent and the next morning he discovers that his diary has gained the ability to predict the future for the next 90 days.

He then exploits the advantage of being able to predict the future to avoid several school hazards and scores number 1 on a surprise math test, all with an uncharacteristic air of confidence causing many to view him as a different person. This draws the attention of school idol, Yuno Gasai. Later that day he sees a startling entry in his diary, a DEAD END. He learns that he is to be killed by a serial killer he had heard about earlier on the news and initially believes it to be Yuno who appears to know of the effecs of his Future Diary. He runs in fear of being killed but no matter where he goes he can't seem to shake off Yuno. He eventually escapes to an elevator in a building only for Yuno to break in at the last second while at the same time revealing that she too is a Future Diary holder. Yukiteru prepares to attack but Yuno grabs his wrist, pins him to the elevator wall, and...kisses him.

She then reveals to Yukiteru her "Yuki Diary" which simutaneously reveals her obsession of him. She informs him that the true serial killer, the Third was on his way to kill him on the 14th floor and instead sends the elevator to the roof. Yukiteru is scared but Yuno tells him that she has a plan. Meanwhile the Thrid is revealed to also be a Future Diary holder and possesses the "Murder Diary" which gives him the future locations of his next victims.

Yuno and Yukiteru escape to the roof of the building and lie on wait for the Third to arrive. As the Third checks his Future Diary in confusion, Yukiteru appears and throws a dart with pin point accuracy right at the serial killer's "Murder Diary" causing said killer to ripple and disappear from reality (i.e. die). Following this, he appears before Deus and begins to realize the nature of the "game". Yuno then hyperly expresses that she will protect Yukiteru which causes him to put on a panicked expression in response to her obsessive expression.

Later, Yukiteru follows Murumuru to Deus's lair and it is revealed that along with Yuno and Yukiteru himself, 10 other people have been granted Future Diaries by Deus Ex Machina. The mechanics of the game are finally revealed. The goal of the game is for the players to eliminate one another user their Future Diaries to compete for the prize of becomind the successor of Deus Ex Machina. With the Third's death, only 11 remain and all of the other Future Diary holders (with the exception of Yuno) believe the First (Yukiteru) to be the most dangerous among them and resolve to take him out first. However, the Fourth openly declares that he will protect him.

Attack of the NinthEdit

News of Yukiteru's recent rise in academics quickly spreads around the school catching the attention of a mysterious girl. She innocently asks Yukiteru for directions to a nearby classroom which happens to have been the class taught by his serial killer teacher, the Third. As Yukiteru shakes from the girl's constant interrogating it grows more and more obvious to her that he is the person she is looking for and she reveals herself to be the Ninth, Uryu Minene.

Yuno, who had learned of the situation via her Future Diary attempts to strike Uryu from behind using a fire extinguisher but fails. Uryu then reveals that she has filled the school with explosives and Yukiteru's death is to be in 3 hours. She sets a few off for emphasis and a scared Yukiteru decides to trust Yuno to protect him.

The two then resort to crawling around the school using their Future Diaries to avoid setting off any explosions. It is here that Yukiteru discovers the weakness of his No Difference doesn't record anything about him short of a Dead End. Luckily he is reminded of Yuno's Yuki Diary which records every 10 minutes of his future. As they approach a nearby classroom Yukiteru is delighted to see some of the students, including Ouji Kousaka, until they race towards him and tackle to the floor, retrieving his cell phone in the process. It is revealed that the Ninth offered the school a deal to capture Yukiteru and bring him before her.

But instead of following through with the deal, Uryu merely switches the bombs to motion detection. An angry and upset Yuno decides to take her vengeance on her classmates by racing through the halls setting off many explosions shocking Yukiteru and even surprising the Ninth. Just when all looks bleak for Yukiteru, a stranger with a familiar voice arrives.

Arrival of the FourthEdit

yuki and fourth form an alliance

Plight of the SixthEdit

Yuno vs. the Twelfth NoinbkbhjhEdit


  • His first name is based on "Jupiter", which is a pun on his love for stars and space.
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